Sunday, April 29, 2012

"The arrangement"

Everything is so different about him. He has this air of authority and care about him. He picked me up with his car, opened the door for me and sat with me on the back sit - yes, he has his own driver!

He reminded me about the seat belt and we drove off. He said he has a surprise for me and handed me a small box. I looked at him and felt like a small girl at Christmas. When I opened the box I was dazzled by a wonderful diamond necklace. I was amazed, didn't know what to say or how to behave.

He said:

"Tonight we'll discuss our arrangement. But even if we decide to go our separate ways, I'd like you to keep it. I think it will look very pretty on you".

I was wearing only a small necklace, so I took it off and asked him to help me put the new one on. It was like a dream. I knew he was taking his time to smell my hair and touch my neck. He was very gentle.

We had another amazing dinner date. We obviously enjoy each other's company and the conversation. When we got to desserts he asked me if I thought about the "arrangement". I did but I was hesitant to tell him, I've never done it before and felt really ashamed. He noticed that and asked if an arrangement of 10 thousand dollars a month would satisfy me. I was rather surprised, if I had to say it myself it would be no more than 5 thousand! I looked at him and nodded slowly.

He smiled and raised his glass: "Here is to our arrangement!".

After dinner he drove me home and walked to the door. Before I went in he held my hand and leaned forward to kiss me. It was a gentle and soft kiss.

"Good night my dear" - he said and walked back to his car.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real life humiliation

Real Sugar Daddy wants to meet tomorrow to discuss financials. I'm still not sure what to say. I like him and would like him to choose me as his Sugar Baby.

But in the meantime I'm met with another guy I met on a Sugar Daddy dating website. This time it was Another Married Man. As I suspected he wasn't completely cool about the whole submission part. He thought it was twisted. Well, I won't judge him as he judged me, but I must admit it made me feel more humiliated than when a Master whips me and calls me a whore.

Why is that? Is it because in the bedroom it's just a game? And this was real life? Or maybe I really am twisted and a "normal" man would always reject me?

I don't want to write too much about this experience... enough said we won't be meeting again.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My first Sugar Daddy date

So I signed up for this Sugar Daddy dating website not really knowing what to expect. And last night I went on my first Sugar Daddy date!

The first gentleman I chose to meet was Real Sugar Daddy. I call him that because he is much older than me, obviously very rich and really looking for someone to spoil.

He has an apartment in my city, but lives with his wife in another state. Part of his business is based where I live, so he is often in town. His wife never travels with him.

We exchanged quite a few email before deciding to meet. I must say that he seemed a little old fashioned at first, but in a positive way. I think he is a real gentleman and he calls me "young lady" :)

He didn't want to speak on the phone and insisted on a real meet up. He chose an exclusive restaurant downtown. I'm not used to going to such expensive places and wasn't sure what to wear. My previous Man was much more a beer and pizza guy.

I felt really excited and nervous before this date. It almost felt like a first date. Everything he said in his emails made me feel special. I wore a small black dress and not much jewellery. I wanted to look classy. We arranged to meet at 8pm at the restaurant, but he was there before me, already waiting at the table.

He looked about 45, but I knew he was older than that. When we met he kissed my hand, like in the old movies! He was charming. Champagne was already chilling in an ice bucket and was poured by a courteous waiter as soon as I sat down. I looked at the menus, which was mainly in French. fortunately I learnt French at school, so I know how to pronounce the dishes. I love seafood, so I ordered a lobster starter and scallops as a main course. It was delicious!

But enough about food, this is not a culinary blog!

As I said  Real Sugar Daddy was utterly charming. He did however want to know a lot about me. One of the things that seemed important to him was if I would accept monogamy. There was something peculiar in the way he asked about this. I quickly realised that it was a deal breaker. My answer was "If you want me just for yourself, you can have me. If you decide to share me with someone else I will obey". For me it is always the Man's choice whether he wants to share his woman or not. I must admit I would very much like to be shared, but I must respect his will.

It was a thrilling evening and the whole atmosphere made me horny. I was hoping he would invite me to his apartment, but he didn't mention it. He said he would give me a call. I was really worried I didn't do well enough and he wouldn't call, but he did! Just an hour ago I received a call from him! He asked if I would like to meet him again on Wednesday to discuss more down to earth matters such as my financial expectations. I'm so excited! But I don't really know what to say?

Can you guys give me some advice? What should I say??

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Looking for new adventures

I was devastated after Married Man told me it's all over. So devastated I deleted all my previous posts about him. I don't know if it really was about his wife, or if he found another toy to play with.

But I couldn't stay without a Man forever. I need someone to take care of me and someone to please. And if I don't please him well, to punish me, like I should be punished.I didn't know where to start. This kind of arrangement is not easy to come by. And then I saw an advert of a Sugar Daddy dating website. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wanted to give it a try.

First I signed up. It was very straight forward. I later found out that it's best to enter proper information straight away, because your profile will be reviewed. It is also VERY important to add at least one picture. Otherwise, you can't use the site fully. You can however blurr or cover part of your face, if you want to keep it more private. They simply want to make sure that everyone who uses the site is a real person.

But enough with those technicalities! I'm sure you're curious to find out who I met there :)I didn't have to wait long until these three lovely men got in touch:
  • Another Married Man - 44 year old from NY, looks for a sexy and intelligent girl in my city, where he often travels on business
  • Single Macho - 35 year old, from my city, he openly looks for more than one girl for private parties
  • Real Sugar Daddy - 54 year old, millionaire, looking for a much younger girl to spoil and travel with
I correspond with all three of them, as each of them is so different and can offer different experiences. I only revelaed my submissive side to Single Macho and Real Sugar Daddy. I'm not sure if Another Married Man would like that - however most of them turn out to like submissive girls, even if they don't know about it yet! Anyway, I'll keep you posted about my adventures on the Sugar Daddy Website and in real life! Hopefully I'll have a Man to please soon!